Imaging Exchange

Huron Valley Radiology interprets patient’s images from multiple locations across several health systems. Because these health systems and private physician offices each use different PACS systems, access to a particular patient’s entire imaging history can be fragmented and inaccessible when a patient’s care traverses various private office practices, hospitals and imaging facilities.

HVR’s Imaging Exchange eliminates this fragmentation by providing a patient’s complete imaging history in one easy-to-access location. This improves image interpretation by furnishing comparative studies that were previously not available. It also provides the ordering physician the capacity to see a patient’s imaging history across the continuum of care.

Emergency Department physicians also have access to images from these multiple service points, possibly eliminating duplicate procedures and reducing radiation exposure. Since the interpretation of a patient’s images are based on a more comprehensive medical record, it provides an opportunity that allows for more appropriate imaging. This leads to care that can be more timely and cost effective.

The HVR Imaging Exchange can provide:
  • Higher quality and faster care by leveraging the subspecialty expertise and extended hours of coverage of HVR radiologists through provision of the entire imaging record, including “outside” priors, to the appropriate radiologist, independent of physical location.
  • Improved care and ease of practice through direct access to comprehensive image and report library by referring/caring physicians.
  • Improved exam appropriateness and utilization.
  • Potential to reduce overall healthcare costs.
For more information on HVR’s Imaging Exchange, or to learn how to access the Exchange for your practice, please contact Jim Knauf, COO at (734) 712-8350.